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Art of the Ordinary

We often imagine people who make a dent in history to be heroes, geniuses... almost superhuman. We celebrate and admire the stories of the seemingly exceptional. But it is not geniuses and legends that truly move the world forward. It is thousands of ordinary people who fail, fail and fail again until success is no longer a distant dream.

Not everyone who stands on a stage to tell their story is born with otherworldly talents, but every one of them has mastered the art of persistently and relentlessly striving to do something they are passionate about. We, at TEDxPurdueU, would like to pay a humble tribute to the spirit of perseverance and grit that often gets understated in these extraordinary stories — what we’d like to call the Art of the Ordinary.

TEDxPurdueU: Art of the Ordinary is happening soon on March 3 at Purdue's Loeb Playhouse! Reserve your spot by getting tickets at

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