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March 25, 1 - 5 PM

Loeb Playhouse, Stewart Center

Thank you to every person who came to UnscripTED! We hope you had a wonderful time, walked away with an idea worth spreading, and come back next year. From empowering the disenfranchised to moving forward with technology, we're grateful to our speakers and everyone who attended for helping these ideas move further.

If you'd like to help us choose our next speakers for upcoming events, let us know! You can nominate future speakers to us here. We love hearing about cool people with ideas worth spreading.

This year, we celebrated those among us who live and work as they improvise with determination and wander with a dream, those who live for the North Star but make of every ordinary day an accidental, deliberate step towards tomorrow – unfazed, unafraid, unscripTED.

Join us for an afternoon with an amazing panel of speakers! Come find new ideas, meet your next inspiration, and connect with other attendees on campus.

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About TEDx

TEDxPurdueU is about showcasing the ingenuity of the Purdue University and West Lafayette community by pulling together the best speakers, students, and community members we have for a day of ideas and innovation.