Do you watch TED talks? If not, TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. TED is a conference series that began in 984, and since then, the talk show has attracted lots of viewers. TED talks material is educative and in some instances, lecturers use the material for teaching their classes. In these talks, every speaker has a maximum of 18 minutes to deliver their message.

TED talks are not only thought-provoking, but they also present challenges that you can find solutions to. According to article on FORBES, TED talks can make a better entrepreneur by giving you tips on how to balance work relationships, and giving back. If you have been wondering why so many people recommend that you watch this conference series, here are some of the advantages of TED talks.

They are inspirational

TED talks prompt viewers and participants to think outside the box. The speakers are not only super knowledgeable, but they also present new ideas and concepts with a fun twist, which inspires shy people to speak. From these shows, you can get great public speaking ideas that could come in handy when you have to present something in school, church, or work.

They are educational

Has your teacher been encouraging you to watch TED talks? Well, that’s because these talks are a constructive way to spend your free time. The classes in these talks always have something for the audience to take away be it communication, music, or physics. The speeches are sometimes given by popular people like Bill Gates, and the content is presented in a simple way that is easy to comprehend.

They give life-changing advice

Topics that concentrate on how to boost your confidence before a stressful event prove to be super helpful to the audience on various personal levels. For instance, the presentation “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are” by Amy Cuddy helped people understand how they can boost their confidence with a pose.

They boost creativity

Exposing yourself to your field and profession only limits what you know and this undermines creativity. By watching TED talks, you acquaint yourself with different projects, solutions, and ideas from various fields. This not only changes your perspective but also gives you knowledge and experience that you can apply in your own projects.

The talks are publicly accessible

You can watch these talks on YouTube and use watch YouTube VPN to bypass any restrictions. The good thing is that they are constructive and informative education which you can only access if you log in, so you don’t have to watch them if you don’t want to.

If you love watching and not reading, you can spend your leisure time watching TED talks and immerse more knowledge that you can use to your advantage. If your career is in the field of technology, entertainment, or design, you will find the content in these talks invaluable to your growth.