Talks Everyone Should Watch

TED Talks are known for serving as an inspirational as well as an educational platform. This single forum lets us connect with people having more experience and exposure than us. The forum is open not only to the audience present during the sessions but also facilitates the dissemination of knowledge to people around the world through session videos. TED Talks wonderfully covers almost every contemporary topic, on which, people leading in the respective fields indulge in friendly discussion with the public.

Cybersecurity is one such topic covered by TED Talks many times. Almost every year, we can see at least one instance of sessions covering cybersecurity, online privacy, and digital security ideas. Therefore, for the people interested to understand the basics and importance of online privacy security, here are a few TED Talks worth listening.

Your Human Firewall—The Answer To The Cybersecurity Problem

Hearing the term ‘firewall’ reminds us of the usual firewall set up in computers. However, in today’s modern world where hackers have become much more smarter, having a mere firewall is not sufficient to ensure adequate online protection. In this TED Talk, Rob May argues the same. He elaborates that individual users and organizations should not rely solely on firewalls. Rather they should walk extra miles to avert cyber attacks. May said that the users should instead create a ‘human firewall’. That is, the human practices of and browsing behavior should serve as the prime protection against cyber threats. People should learn to evaluate what sort of personal information they should share online, and with whom.

Why Privacy Matters

One of the main hurdles in the way of adapting online privacy at a large scale is the ignorant perspective of people to have nothing worthy of hiding. What most usually think is ‘I have nothing worthy to hide, so I should not worry about surveillance’. However, what we need to realize is that privacy isn’t about hiding anything bad; it is about hiding your personal details – things private to you only. This is what Glenn Greenwald has strived to explain in this TED Talk in 2014. He argues that surveillance directly impacts the natural human behavior, which further modifies the way a society behaves.

Your Smartphone Is A Civil Rights Issue

Smartphones have entered our lives as a means of convenient communication. Nonetheless, it hasn’t confined itself to a mere gadget only. Rather the choice of smartphone is a direct depiction of the users’ taste and class. Similarly, the same smartphone determines the way you can be monitored as well. Christopher Soghoian, in this TED Talk, points out the same issue as he sheds light on the most common difference of security conferred by Android phones and iPhones, and the glaring variations in their affordability. Relating the cost of iPhones and the high-privacy features offered by these pricey devices, he deems it a civil rights problem if online security is confined to the elites of the society only.

The 1s and 0s Behind Cyber Warfare

Taking the basic binary digits ‘0’ and ‘1’ as the basis of cybersecurity, Chris Domas – an avid security researcher – attempts to unveil the new horizons of cyber warfare. In this TED Talk, he explains how reverse engineering and pattern recognition tools help the researchers decipher the purposes of binary codes they are unaware of. He elaborates how the cybersecurity experts breakdown the binary code sequences and translate them into visual abstractions to reveal the hidden purposes of codes. This is a must-listen video for all those who yearn to step into cybersecurity, are beginner learners, or are pursuing a career as full-time cybersecurity professional.

Governments Don’t Understand Cyber Warfare. We Need Hackers

In this TED Talk, the security expert Rodrigo Bijou explains how the realm of the internet has changed the way of modern warfare. While, in the past, government agencies were considered as the first line of defense against security threats, this isn’t the scenario in the modern internet-driven world. Rather, there seem various conflicting situations among the activists, non-state groups, private firms, and government authorities. The ease of accessibility and abundance of secretive features has made the online world flooded with terrorist and radical groups. Whereas, the draconian mass surveillance programs run by government authorities create yet another chaos as they agencies keep on urging the tech companies to create ‘backdoors’ in their software, making it further vulnerable to the malefactors as well. Bijou, in his talk, explains the dangers associated with such practices and urges individuals to step up boldly against this action.

Your Online Life, Permanent As A Tattoo

In a time when digital footprints are becoming problematic, this worthy TED Talk by Juan Enriquez is a must-listen for everyone. He sheds light on how the internet is serving as a permanent tattoo for individuals, threatening our privacy. He not only explained the permanency of digital tattoos but also advised insights regarding how we should deal with tattoos to secure our online privacy.