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Thank You!

Apr 17, 2013

Well TEDx participants, we did it! We came together as a school and as a community to support education for the sake of our communal growth and personal betterment. From dazzling stories about reaching out to the cosmos to exposés on the longevity of dogs, we went through it all.

Don’t discredit yourselves, TEDx participants; I don’t use the term “we” in a metaphorical sense. You helped make TEDxPurdueU possible. Without a driving force, a passion to put on a great event, the organizers would have had nothing for which to work. While we may have organized the event, the heart and soul of it belongs to those who came to appreciate higher learning. The speakers did not speak for their own entertainment, but for our inspiration.

I will say that I was inspired by the sold-out event; I was inspired by the friendliness and open-mindedness during the networking break. Most of all, TEDx participants, I was inspired by the people who took time out of their lives, their research, and their jobs, to sit and simply listen to what someone else has to say. That willingness to simply listen and learn has seemingly become so rare in the modern age, but on April 12th of 2013 you proved that the listeners and learners are not alone. You showed the TEDx organizers that there are still many of us who seek out new opportunities and new ideas because we crave knowledge and we yearn to find new solutions to old problems. You showed us that we can still appreciate that which is presented to us. This is why the TEDxPurdueU organizers, and myself especially, want to thank you for reminding us that we are not alone in our appreciation of all that is real and our thirst for truth. Thank you for giving us an audience for which to perform and amaze.

Thank you, TEDx participants, for making what we do worthwhile.



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