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Petrônio Bendito Collective

PETRONIO BENDITO COLLECTIVE from the Rusty Rueff School of Visual and Performing Arts, Purdue University,  is a revolving group of artists, performers and designers that explores the intersection of visual & performing arts and digital technology. Petrônio Bendito, the group facilitator and multimedia artist, is an Associate Professor of Art and Design at Purdue University. He has led the development of several projects with a wide range of contributors, including musicians, dancers, performers, choreographers, programmers, and visual designers. For the current TEDx performance, the faculty and student members of the group are Petrônio Bendito (media art, visual design), Carol Cunningham-Sigman (dance, choreography), Joel Ebarb (custom, design), Ian Milliken (music, composition), Amberly Simpson  (dance, performer) and Ethan Vail (light).



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