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4 Weeks to TEDxPurdueU 2013

Mar 19, 2013

As the newest inductee of the TEDxPurdueU executive board I didn’t really know what to expect at my first meeting. Rather than a lengthy orientation, I was greeted by a passion for TEDx that began with the director, Ms. Tiphanie Raffegeau, and her presentation about TEDActive.

At TEDActive, a conference that brought TEDx’ers from over 63 countries together in Palm Springs, CA, Tiphanie learned the ways of TEDx around the world. She gathered new ideas, new connections, and new perspectives on where TEDx is going. Those ideas were from people from locations as far as Baghdad, Tel-Aviv, Christchurch, and beyond. It wasn’t long before we got down to brass tacks and started applying said inspiration to our new stage design and accommodations for TEDx participants. In the coming years TEDxPurdueU has set a course for emulating the most successful TEDx organizations whilst helping to foster those that are just now forming. We are beginning to collaborate with other Indiana TEDx organizations and we also plan on building connections to international TEDx programs.

You see, TEDxPurdueU has no intention of cruising by with our program; we are in a constant state of improvement and expansion. We are creating an event that changes one’s perspective. The event on April 12th will showcase the “Past, Present, and Progress” of the modern age. Along with our team at Hall of Music Productions, sponsors, and dedicated team members, we are showing how the intangible dreams of the past are rapidly becoming the reality of the present. In order for this to work TEDxPurdueU will make all effort to host an audience that is able to engage and collaborate with each other and speakers who are making that future, a reality of progress. Are you up to the challenge?

-Andrew Ryan Brick



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